22 October 2014

Getting There

Last few days have been filled with mixed feelings, including:
1. Panic
3. Excited
4. Confusion
5. Dilemma
6. Fun

Seems like there have been too many things happening in the last few days. We woke up super early on Saturday morning, met up at the airport, got our things checked in, searched for kunci L throughout the whole airport, slept on air, got there and set up our furniture at the exhibition, got very hungry and exhausted, went to the hotel, slept like a sweaty baby, woke up early for the opening, stood at our booth, partied, bleh. 

After some days spent at the exhibition, finally we got a time to go out and explore a bit.

Bangkok is:
1. Liveable
2. Clean
3. Neat
4. Connected
5. Active

How can we make a living here?

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