07 October 2014

Exhibiting Soon

General Object will be participating in a rather exciting exhibition soon. We have prepared for a couple of months now, our new products, in reaction to present days living problem. Collaborating with two other talented product designers, our works will represent different backgrounds, hence turning the collaboration into a complex yet comprehensive one.

For some time now, I think haven't been designing something quite thoughtful. Blame the commercialisation of things in Indo, haha. But yes, I do feel that I feel more inspired when I'm overseas, for life is so good and you barely need to survive. In Indo, all I think about is how to get things done and rarely think about the bigger picture. Wrong.

So this coming up exhibition is a pretty enlightening one, for one can take her time to think things through, such a privilege we often forget about.

Anyway, the exhibition will be coming in mid October.

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