15 June 2014

Falling In Love

I was rather astounded to find myself falling in love with a painting. Never before that I can truly connect with such fine things or maybe I haven't acquired the taste. However this on got me on the spot.

This is not mine (yet!!!) as I found it on my trip around Kemang to look up for things for my project. No, this one does not suit my project no. My friend and I stopped by at Gudang Gambar, where we were welcomed warmly by the owner. When I looked around this caught my eyes.

Photo courtesy of artist and Gudang Gambar.

A painting by an artist in Shanghai depicting the grandeur Huangshan mountains in Eastern China.

There was just an enough amount of dexterity, decent amount of abstraction and a warm feeling conveyed through the adjacent layers of interpreted peaks and bases. There was such depth on a bare plain surface.

If there was one success matrix that I would choose, it would be the freedom to appreciate other's body of work at ease. I want to buy the painting.
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