23 May 2014

Everybody's Changing

One of the delights of having a chance to do things that you believe while you are young is to grow with your mates.

Watching my friends grew, convinced me that I can do it too. There were friends doing their own business, researching on a material, building a brand, creating amazing design works and so doing other amazing things. Sometimes I was in awe to see what those people can do yet they're so young, they enjoy life and they're making good progress in life! That is to me, amazing.

Watching my friends grew, to me is a real feed back. We learnt on how to face different problems, we troubleshooted things together, we shared our challenges and most importantly we supported each other. Being able to surround yourself with fellow workers is an advantage that not everyone can possess.

Watching my friends grew, uplifts me. There is nothing more rewarding than helping each other and being able to make progress together. Each one of us might have different visions but everyone's going for something. "I'm not interested in competing, I hope we all make it," is a nice quote to sum the point up.

Watching my friends grew, is like a mirror to me. No one wants to see their friends fail. I think of people around me as a mirror of myself. When they succeed, I am once again glad that I didn't take the road alone because there is no time wasted when you are walking together with your mates. There is no exclusivity only openness, no secret only so much to share.
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