18 May 2014


If I can emphasise how important it is to be in a community for younger people, I will emphasise it once again.
1. Makes me feel humane
Sure you can be born within the richest family but what does that make you? What does driving your dad's car and playing the cool guy mean? It's all just an empty vessel. Being in a community makes me feel like human again (no, I'm not born in that family) because I get to become who I truly am. I don't have to pretend and rather I just have to let loose.

2. Bring out the best of you
You might have those crazy ideas at the back of your mind but too ashamed to explore it yourself or too afraid if they're going to fail. Sharing your ideas in your clique helps you to get direct, (most of the time) honest and supportive feedbacks. Be in a community that supports you and brings out the best in you.

3. Get your message across
Great minds think alike. Being in a community with similar thoughts and values helps me to make bigger impact. Of course you can't do all things by yourself and surrounded with people who are willing to work together is definitely worth your time.

4. Your second family 
Remembering my time in Australia and Germany, I feel that the communities I was involved in, were sort of my family while I was away from my family. These friends made me feel like I'm home and my time wouldn't be as fun if I didn't meet them.

So it wouldn't hurt to be in a community or two. Pick the ones you believe in just because you have to stick with those people and share with them. I found it enjoyable to share my thoughts with like minded people and fellow young people who are working their way up just to remove the feeling that you're on your own. I hope you're finding some good fellas too!
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