19 January 2014

Weekender: A Wet Week

As some people are stuck these weekend if not the last couple of days due to flooding, let's take sometime to review the week. It is funny how it was so hot in Melbourne, yet it was one of the wettest weeks in Jakarta.

I got to talk to a friend earlier this week over a Hoegaarden, which then reminded me a lot about Germany. But what's more interesting is that I found some people here to be highly uplifting. All of us might not share the same beliefs, but when someone holds strong to what he believes, I think that's what counts. The following thoughts were from a friend with interesting worldly views, that as young generation we are holding a much bigger responsibility than what we (would like to) think we do. We have to create precedents for the generations after us and they are looking up to us right now or in the future. What's worse, there is still few people who realize this and rather enjoying the position of being a follower. I think that's one of our tendencies too, to follow. It is truly difficult here to find people who want to step up and play a bigger role. If it is not us, then who do you expect would take the role?

And I was like, yes, man. Not to think highly of ourselves, but if everyone is hiding behind their shells, then there has got to be someone who's willing to make the first steps. I hope we, as a more privileged generation with all these ease around us, can give back more and not drifted away by the pleasant environment we are given. Let's do more.

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