26 January 2014

Weekender: Low Season

The best part from traveling, according to me, is the process of getting from one place to another. I embrace this moment so much that I become less happy when I’ve reached my destination. Being on a journey is like buying myself a free time. Let’s say it’s like a guilt-free dessert. There’s no such thing, but it makes you feel like so.

To be more specific, I love the notion of traveling on my own in a low season. It’s like running away from what I’m suppose to do. I didn’t know that I have this mentality of running away, but it’s something that I’m looking forward to somehow. When the low season hits, there’s less people at the airport or if there’s those who are, are those who have to travel. It’s like, no joking matter here, people.

Haha. However, I think that things that happen around us are laughing matter sometimes. I just like to play it seriously. I like to travel at odd times, which might lead to me meeting fellow odd people, seeing few oddities and doing odd stuff at odd hours. Oh fun. Maybe it’s just the distraction-free factor that makes it so enjoyable. I don’t really know.
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