02 October 2013

What Is It About General Object?

General Object is more less like a baby to me. It has always been inside me waiting for the right time to be hatched. There could never been better timing, but. When I got back, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, how I envision the brand to be and what would it take to get it out there.

Well, not everything went according to plan as always. I screwed up here and there, people worked beyond my expectation and things... Just seemed to be more complicated than I thought it would be. Wasn't sure if I were doing the right thing, I decided to keep moving forward for there was no turning bad or if there was, it would be even worse to do.

Through the early process of a long journey, I learned that it is always good to have a vision. It is important to keep your dreams ahead of you, otherwise you will have nothing to look forward too. Dreams, although seemed so far yet so close, were one of the key factors of pushing one's success. People who were successful sound ridiculous sometimes, they wanted to do things which were impossible, yet they proved to everyone that they did. So, there you go, don't worry to sound a bit out there because you are the one who will actually get there.

General Object will be a train for me. Where it goes, I can only plan and measure but we will see how far it will get. As far as I'm concern, we're going towards the imaginary land. But hey, let's create our own land.

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