25 June 2013


One of the most enjoyable ways of learning, I would say is to have a mentor. He becomes someone that you could look up to, learn from his mistakes and share perspectives with. A good mentor will teach you what's practical and what applies in the real world, because sometimes those are the missing links from your study to the real deal.

When you are mentored, you are becoming slightly like your mentor. You pick up the goodness and leave what’s inappropriate. You observe, you gain and you apply.

Your mentor can be anyone. He can be your dad, your boss, your idol or even your friend. Pick someone (or a couple) who you believe could bring out the best of you, to support and to help you find your ways around.

One thing to keep in mind, you don’t have to be like your mentor. We are who we are and we should set our own goals, for no one is the same and it becomes pointless when you are just following people around.

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