11 June 2013

How to Improve One’s Quality of Life?

People said that if you live in a first world country, your standard of life is better. You become happier, your life is fulfilled. But what if you’ve lived a better life, you can buy what you want to buy, you can go wherever you go, yet you are not as happy as you thought you could be. Interesting enough, it is very hard to get happiness and foremost, to maintain it.

Happiness comes and goes.  When there is uncertainty, anxiety comes. When there is stability, boredom comes. When there is burden, there goes away happiness. But what life is without burden? Or shall we see no burden in life? No way.

Money can guarantee some things but not everything. Sometimes people are so tired fighting for money and they end up having money as their purpose. What will happen then if you’ve got wealth in your pocket? Apparently it means nothing if you have no one to share what you have with.

Why is it so hard then to sacrifice our times and energy for others? Although we know that we are saving for our future, just in a different way. Why is it more natural to put effort for gaining things for our selves than for others?  Isn’t it silly to know that we are having others for our own happiness too but end up wanting to put no effort in gaining it? Time to change.

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