17 March 2013

To Be

A chit chat with my friend a couple of days a go made me realize of a few things. Things such as checkpoints and focus. Of how we all should have a projection of ourselves and have mini goals that eventually lead to the final destination.

Each one of us, to reach our goals, might have things to encounter such as obstacles and cluelessness. Then what is the key that keeps you going? One of them could be to have mini goals. These mini goals act as checkpoints to (1) inform us how far have we gone (2) encourage us to keep moving (3) let us know that we are capable of reaching our goals. They are there as a measure and to remind us if we have not been on the right pathway. So have your mini goals that would eventually lead you to what you want to be. They don't have to be impossible, rather they must be logical yet you have to keep your dream alive. 

Once you have your mini goals and a vision of what you want to be, follow the pathway that you've created. This pathway is unique just for you and you only. Don't get distracted nor allured in someone else's dream, for they are not yours. It might work for them but might not on you. So stick to your plan. Getting slow and relaxed at some points are acceptable but keep your pace steady, that is simply so you are ready for unexpected situations might that be good or bad. 

On top of all those, remember, everyone's goals are different hence there is no point of comparing yourself to others. Use people surround you to encourage you to be better, but never follow your fellows just for the sake of not wanting to be left behind. Have your own way.  
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