14 January 2013

Zwei Ei Männer

"Soo... Rumor said you're going back?"
"Who said?"
"Oh... I don't know him very well though. He might be right or wrong, for he is a witty man."
"Ach so... But have you the intention?"
"Na ja... If I have a reason to... My friend once told me, you should go to where happiness is, so if I find him, then I'll be glad coming back... For the grand reason in settling down or travelling far is... is... I don't know..."
"That's a hard one, I know... But anyway, it must have been fun just to follow your soul."
"Aha. Not bad, I guess. As long as your conscience is conscious, then you're good. But if you've started thinking about making fresh juices for people, then perhaps a part of your Kopf needs fixing."
"Maybe not, for that's what have been making the machine works."
"The machine works... I hate the sound of that."
"Come on! It's 182 more days!"

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