07 January 2013

6.3 Torvehallerne

The Danes would stay out even in the slightest hint of the sun, for the moment was such a rarity to them. Outside Torvehallerne KBH on Frederiksborggades, people were sitting on the bench. He was enjoying his latte from the Coffee Collective - although not as strong as Melbourne's coffee - and a pastry from Laura's. Kids were seen playing and yelling out lout at the front of Israely Plads. That day was Friday, families were shopping together. A little daughter was munching basil leaves from a pot that her dad just bought. They were going to cook a warm dinner tonight. Friends were chatting lively, sharing cakes and stories. And he himself? Was all alone sketching what he saw with his two eyes, documenting what was precious to the heart. 

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