30 September 2012



I thought I would love MAXXI a lot, a museum of architecture designed by Zaha Hadid. 

Having seen some of her building, one was her first ones at Vitra, I felt that there was a feeling that they are too intricate but somehow not well done. I realized that especially after I read that one of her buildings in China was found to crack after a year or two. Some details were not finished with excellence. One thing that did not get into my liking was the toilet, for it felt cold and too industrial. 

Partly was a constructional problem, others were just about their complexity. MAXXI was pretty overwhelming, understanding that it is meant to be an exhibition space which should flaunt the works in it - not itself.

However, I was very excited to come here as there is always something to learn from any museums. This one was a unique one, that holds collection, thoughts, visions of how architecture should and would be. In which, was not too bad in terms of the collection. Some artworks like Anish Kapoor's were also on display with other photography works.

Via Guido Reni 4A, 00196 Roma Italy
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