18 September 2012

2.1 Pantheon

He has not been home for a while now for wherever home is. A decision to put your life on hold for some time, giving himself the necessary time he would not think he ever need. Seemed like time was stopping yet half a year passed so quickly leaving traces of his previous chapter, creating new ones and leaving more empty pages to be filled. Selfishly speaking, his previous chapter was quite interesting too or should we say it was still on going. Time would tell, time would decide, lessons learned that rushed decisions were the worst ones for the greatest wars were won from cool heads. What terrified him was the moment life was calling back and he must got up to answer. Felt like an inception - buried in layers of dream. 
After he got a bit lost to find Fontana di Trevi, the lanes did not get any friendlier. The next day plans were made to look for Pantheon - a building which then became his favorite.
Pantheon is the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome with equal height to diameter size of 43.3 metres. He has been talking about it ever since the domes in Istanbul were tackled. Pantheon was built as a temple for gods during the ancient Rome period. Pediment structure made the front facade up, with large Corinthians columns underneath it. Pediment is commonly found on classical Greek temples, renaissance, neo-classical structure and also in some ambitious houses in Indo.
An oculus or a round-shaped opening on the top of the dome literally means eye, acts as a rain hole, ventilation system and as a sole source of light. The light coming through from the oculus creates a reversed sundial effect in the interior. 
What amazed him was the drainage system applied to the building. A slight slope could be felt on the center of the building, allowing water or rain to be collected and go through the holes on the marble floor. Definitely his favorite building in Rome, Pantheon was for him.
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