18 May 2012


Have you ever heard about a story of a man named Hezarfen? He was one of the clever men who lived in the era of Sultan Abdulmecid (1829-1861) of the Ottoman Empire. Flying was his thing, he had a thing about making things fly, and decided one day that he would try to fly himself.

Here is the sight of what he was looking at when he was about to fly:
A view from Galata Tower (Asia is on your right side)

The flight was planned to depart from Galata Tower, the tallest construction there was in old Istanbul, across the Bosphorus, to Üsküdar, a region in the Asian part of Istanbul. The track was in the correlation of 39:1 of distance to height. He put on some wings and jumped off from the top of Galata Tower. He succeeded and then all of a sudden people were praising him. The Sultan heard of him and invited him to the palace. Hezarfen was glad to come and see the Sultan for he thought that he would be granted some sort of gifts. Indeed, the Sultan gave him a bag of gold coins but to his surprise, the Sultan then told him to go away to a distant land, I suppose because he was somehow a threat for the Sultan.

Be clever, but more importantly, be clever enough to place yourself. 
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