09 May 2012


One the 4th of January 2012, we arrived in Copenhagen after an overnight bus ride from Prague via Dresden, Berlin, and Hamburg. We hopped on the bus at 18:00 and arrived at 06:30 the next day. How happy we were to find ourselves stranded in Copenhagen, for people are ever the nicest and the happiest in the world. 

My highlight in Copenhagen was perhaps going to Louisiana. It was simply the best Contemporary Art museum. That was how I felt. We saw everyone's from Klee to Ai Wei Wei. The collection was just amazing!

"Only through making choices can things be achieved and consequently changed"
- Ai Wei Wei 
Oh and also the Royal Library was one of the best joy. I think I have talked about it enough to bore people, but I adored it so much that I would not mind staying there just inside the library.
Since we were there, we had to say hi to the mermaid. Polypocket-size mermaid that was. I did not realize how tiny she is for people were so excited to walk along the way to say hi to her. Therefore I made two copies of her just for exaggeration.

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