30 November 2011


On our way from Darmstadt to Stuttgart we decided to stop by in Heidelberg. One of the prettiest cities in Germany I must say. We got there just after the dawn, the sky was colored rose pink with just an appropriate amount of mist. The air is cool and the breeze flows through our hair.

We took the rail up to the castle, looking at the city from a better view. The Neckar river flows through the city, separating the university from the other part of the city.

Traveling is like dreaming,
you see things you've
never imagined before. 

The thing that I like about traveling is I am finding characteristics of each cities that I went to. I wish I could spend more time and live a life here and in other cities too. There is simply too many things to be learned and experienced by living somewhere new. Somewhere, where you don't speak the language.
Pretty. I can live here.

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