01 February 2011

Signs x Thoughts

Fig. 1: A sign of inclination
I guess the older we get, the wiser, the braver we are. Well that's how it should be, but are we? I found myself vulnerable of little things. Then I decided to become a bit insensitive. That way, I wouldn't have to fuss about persnickety incidents in life, in which wouldn't give me any advantage even though I'm thinking about them.
Fig. 2: What's all the fame about?
But then, what if people need help? I became inconsistent, I do want to give a hand. I got a call, got my own rewards.
Perhaps that's what I want to really do in the future? What are those stardom about, they're just pure inconsistency.
Fig. 3: The tip of iceberg
We are learning from each other, even if you refused to. Hate is just another form of jealousy. Don't go hateful darling, it will just ruin you. I need to get my thoughts across. I will buy you breakfast if you want to listen to me. This passion and compassion, will it be useful for someone? I realized that we need a micro life to thrive, but then how can we survive in this grand universe if we're stuck in this mini pathetic life?

Fig. 4: Rebuff
Nah, mine isn't pathetic at all. I would like to consider myself a lucky being in this world of mine. A friend told me about life. Why can't we just have fun, we are young and restless. Don't think about work if you don't have to and don't want to. But how pretty it would be if you push yourself to do the work that you desire to do. I said. The least thing you can do is to keep dreaming. It will bring you somewhere. Somehow.
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