09 February 2011


We started the journey with this view. This was on the way to Lake Eildon, 138km from Melbourne. We headed off at 7 in the evening and stopped for a pizza dinner in Yea. Set up the tents and went to bed under the twinkling stars.
Woke up a bit early and welcomed by a camp-style breakfast. Prepared ourselves, wore our best socks and shoes for our 15km walk to the destination. Stopped a couple of times to enjoy the view. This one is about a quarter of our walk. Obstacles here and there, we were losing our ways, stepped on poos, saw two kangaroos, running out of water.
By the time we got to our destination, we were running out of water. We had lunch, had no drink. Another three hours walk, we thought that we would not make it.
It was such a nice weekend in the lovely outdoor. Hope I can have more of these views.
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