16 December 2011

Silberschmied Weihnachtsfeier

Photos by Sally Coldham
The nicest Christmas party I must say! Every department in the design school is having their own Christmas party this week just before holiday starts. This one is the metal and product design department. It is dirty, it is dark, it is warm, the silversmith workshop is the best place to do a party.
Everyone was there with good food, good cheese, good drinks, good dessert, good Christmas sweets. The nice thing about HAWK is it is such a small university that everyone knows each other. Everyone at the party was pretty much everyone you see at Uni. It's a one tiny family!
This is where people would usually burn metal. But it was wurst, grilling last night.
And of course Gl├╝hwein. What is Christmas in Germany without hot wine.
Oh and it just snowed when I was writing this!
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