04 December 2015

Food Unites Us All

It was the first night of the Chinese national holiday and we have just arrived in Xi'an. Immediately after arriving to our hotel, we set ourselves to go to one of the main tourists attraction in Xi'an. It's the Moslem Quarter, where all the street foods are. People say it's touristy, but man, the food was damn good.

Xi'an itself was one of the oldest cities in China, carrying tons of history behind it. It was once called Chang'an, marked as the beginning of the ancient Silk Road.

It was cold that night, so we decided to fill our bellies with some hot stuff. 

The lamb kebab was definitely one of the best sellers around here. Watch out as competition was quite fierce. You would find that there were rows of stalls selling the same food side by side. Careful too when paying. If you're confident enough, you can get a bargain for the food here. Be ready to pull a straight face and don't bulge!

The Chinese hamburger was something to not miss. We had tried the Aussie version, but no... The Xi'an's version was just way too good. Pan fried bun filled with lamb stew, which made the bread rather soggy but yummy. Was - really - good.

Another one that was our favourite was Liang Pi (top picture). It's basically a small serve of cold noodle with julienned cucumber, with sauce that we assumed was a combination of sesame, chilli oil and vinegar. The best Chinese cold noodle we have ever had. 

The other favourite was the bread soaked in mutton soup + potato noodle. It was really hearty and tasty. Carbs and meat. Hm.

I think that was pork feet being boiled.

Although we had to fight a million people to get our food. Xi'an has one of the best culinary experiences for us in China. 

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