18 November 2015

Back on The Road

It's finally time to ride again. This time of the year, felt much familiar to the early days in Europe when I had my old two-wheeler which chain just can't stay quiet. The bike that I got from a second-hand bike shop for locals, subsidised by the government for those in needs. I was a student back then, so I was indeed in need. But these days when I was not a student anymore, I am still, in need. Haha.

But. One day of last week, I went to visit my friend's office in Glen Iris. With determination to explore the city I've always been in but never had enough time to explore, I rode my bike from home and followed the path Google told me. A little bit about the bike, I got it from Tokyo Bike in Collingwood. First, of course I like the bike. Second, I had to get this one because the usual bikes are just too small for me. It's a blue grey Tokyo Bike with 450mm frame, the smaller of its kind. It is just perfect. Easy to manoeuvre, light-weight and compact for a city bike therefore it's easy to carry it on the train and to move around in the house. A very laid-back bike with upright position, making the journey always an easy one.

So my friend told me that there should be a nice bike trail nearby his office, I had to try that route. It's called the Gardiners Creek Trail, a dedicated bike and runner's track. It was nice for Melbourne standard I suppose. I remember when biking in Hildesheim, it was just way nicer, the tracks were leading to small villages around the city and an hour bike took you to a grass field with no end. But it's a nice one for Melbourne too. I entered the track from Malvern East and ended it in Glen Iris. It took about 15 minutes on the track. The whole trip took me 30 minutes. Not too bad.

Biking has a special place in my heart. To me, when I ride, it gives me time to think, it activates the brain a bit faster than when I am walking, it thrills me to ride in my pace and to be able to go somewhere far that I can't explore by walking is an incentive too.

It's closer to summer time now in Melbourne. I don't mind biking in winter really. The feeling of getting out of the house in such cold weather and get the body warmed up by biking, makes me want to go out and ride. Even if it's snowing I wouldn't mind. I never really had bike in summer, I imagine, it will be sweaty and flies are flying around annoying me...

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