06 March 2015

Innovation - Drive - Projection

Innovation does not come instantly, indeed it is a process. In order to survive, in personal life and in work, we need to constantly innovate. For people keep changing, things keep moving, events keep happening. The importance of being agile has become hotter than ever.

However the rushed feeling to innovate most of the time came to me in unprecedented times. There were butterflies in the stomach, telling me to move faster than ever, with an unclear motivation whatsoever.

These feelings, I have observed from my past experience, truly came to me after I felt down. After I felt that there was something bothering me. There was a feeling of indecency that moved me. For a while, I was glad that I can still feel this feeling, the dynamics and the persistence in me. Although it did not always come from a rather good cause, the process had always led me towards positive results. I suppose, there were some things you could not change or manage in life. What matters then, is how you would project yourself out of your misery. But, no misery was to mourn for. Never a challenge seemed too hard to solve nor a mountain was too high enough to climb. At some point, you will find ease and peace.

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