01 August 2014

In The Search of The Perfect Workplace

When coming to Ubud, I had to be sure to visit Hubud for having to see the place so many times on the net. A friend of mine was working there when I went over and introduced me around. The place was filled with 99% bule, working at their own pace, socializing, resting on the bean bags or taking their quiet time at the corner. I myself spent a few good hours getting some things done at Hubud. The vibe was very enjoyable, no doubt with a green paddy field for your relaxed viewing. 

Working on your own, remotely, freelancing, start ups (or whatever you'd like to call it) is fun. It gives you a sense of freedom, by not having to work from a cubicle and do the straight 9 to 5. The community at Hubud is to be sure very welcoming and designed to get everyone together when you wanted too, with activities (free and charged) such as gatherings, workshops, talks, etc.

Freedom and friendship are two out of three things Epicurean believed to lead someone to happiness. We've been longing for that for so long and yet the modern days seem to only provide empty promises. The same is with working at coworking spaces. Has it promised you the live you've been longing for? 

The other aspect that Epicurean proposed was to have thoughts or analyzed life. He said when you possess all of these three in balance, you will reach, what so many people are aiming for, happiness. It stroked me that working on your own does not mean everything for me while talking to Will, who own a dessert bar just next too the original Nuri's in Ubud. He blatantly said that the place gives nothing but paid internet connection. And yes, if you would like to unfold it to the very basic, it actually is just that. The same like restaurant too. 

But what is incorrect is that we thought that freelancing is the final destination of our career. At least not for me. I imagined it would be quite challenging to work on our own and still wanting to do more. Because the nature of working on our own is to enjoy whatever we do, taking our time and do whatever we want. While working on our own should actually be the reverse. It should provide us with enough time to do other things that we've always wanted to do, it should better managed our time and it should make us to think and achieve more things.

We are suffering from a severe delusion of what we want and need. That made me questioned myself, have we really understood what we really want? Has the modern world swayed us from our core?

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