03 December 2013

Attitude Towards Life

Some people share their vision to others. Some keep it to themselves. Some people know how to play it, some simply blah it out loud. Some people know when to stop, some just keep on going. Keep it useful for others for you have the freedom to be influential - or to be not. However, when displaying your attitude towards life, you can influence others deeply.

At Komunitas Salihara on the last weekend, I watched White Shoes and The Couples Company for Jakarta Biennale's closing night. Oh man, I was amazed. Not that it was my first time watching them, but their attitude just blew me away. Watching Sari was like seeing someone who's just comfortable with herself, nothing to hide nor to be ashamed of. 
I was thinking of how such an entertaining performance could be so powerful. It was nothing too serious, but then perhaps the humbleness was the thing that made us fall. Just like everyday life, your humbleness and attitude towards mundane problems are the the things that made people fall for you. I once read, that one of the keys of good self management is when you face harsh situation coolly. Your daily attitude, that is when you should be discipline and be consistent.
People got a lot to say about you, always. But as always, how you respond is your key to the result that you want. If you want people to say bad things about you, do horrible things. If you want people to say good things about you, do fine things. There's no rocket science, but sometimes we can't comprehend even the simplest etiquette. 

When I see other people, I want to see myself from their point of view, but I never succeeded. However, I know that those people around me are those who reflect myself. Might not be a perfect reflection, might be crippled water reflection of myself, but at least we are comfortable together because we are comfortable being ourself. 

And when you are with a bunch who's comfortable with themselves and perceived a positive attitude towards life, you can be sure that more and more will join your bunch. Therefore you'll able to make bigger impact when you're together.
But don't forget to always go back to ground zero. Remember why you started and recollect your core. Get your mind, eyes and heart into one point that you can project towards others. From there, people will see you as a whole. You can be a tiny dot, but at least you're a round dot.
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