17 July 2013


On my first day in Indonesia, I met a couple of Indonesian men, who displayed great attitude towards life. They might not realise that when they did their job willingly with all their hearts, they have actually influenced other people to do work with high spirit, including me. Now I will tell you a story of three humble men from my first day in Indonesia.

The man at Laa-pindo Soto
As tacky as it sounded, the soto was not bad and the man was a true spirit. Dad and I had a bowl of soto for breakfast on Monday, which was yummy, refreshing and enlightening. The man who worked there gave me my first impression of Indonesia, that I could describe in words as friendly and determined. Seeing how things are so different here and in Australia, there was definitely a gap between our work ethic, perception towards life and appreciation of life. People here strive to live, while in some other parts of the world, they strive to live good. 

The magazine man in front of Gudeg Batu Tulis
A man shouted from his car to get a current affair magazine from the man's collection. Determinedly, he ran back and forth to the car to get the man in the car what he wanted. He did not complain, he did what he needed to do. He smiled when he got his pay.

The parking man in front of Bong Ngian
Oh my, he was the loudest and very gesture-focus parking man I have ever met. It was Monday night and he was still at his best. He parked the cars as if he knew every corner of the street, as if the knew that it would be enough for him to survive another day. He has been there since I was in school some many years ago, still with the same spirit and the same attitude. I believe when a man has a character, he would be himself wherever and whenever he is.

Seeing these men were enough to make me feel silly for what I have complained for all this time. 
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