27 July 2012

1.2 The Dish

To start up with, one of the main dishes of Turkey is pilav. This is a rice dish, which they cook in meat stock with pieces of pasta in it. It is tasty on its own but better served with a piece of chicken or cooked meat. Bread is also one of the main carbs and pasta too. The dish that he enjoyed so much was manti, a Turkish version of ravioli, with tomato puree and thick yoghurt on top of it to freshen up the heavy dish. To him that is Turkey on a plate. The kebab was a bit disappointing because it was too oily, or maybe he just had a crappy one, half the price of Kapadokya's donner tasche. However, still the winner was the doner at Hamburg Hbf.
His favorite place to eat was a local eatery that he found while he was waiting for the Blue Mosque to open after the prayer on Friday afternoon. 
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