05 September 2011

A Sunday Afternoon in Hannover

I must admit that Hannover is a very cool city. But strangely enough, it's not the young who liven up the city. I went there on the weekend when there is a festival in the city (well there seems to be a festival here every time I check). There was this really cool band called Jazzkantine performing in front of the Hauptbahnhof. Everyone was basically on the street that afternoon. People were dancing and drinking, couples were kissing (not the young ones, I tell you). Basically, everyone here is enjoying their life!
So. More or less, the festival is to introduce the city. There were some free tours, food stalls on the main streets, and the most awesome thing is they let people in to the galleries and museums for free. Hannover is the place where contemporary works are highly appreciated, or should I say Europe. Lovely. I went to one of the contemporary galleries, named Kustverein Hannover.
I haven't explored the city that much too, but knowing that I can travel here for free using my student card, I can come here every weekend, yay.
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