27 August 2011

28 Hours

I am a day older on my way to where I am right now. This was the longest trip I've ever took: 14 hours Melbourne - Doha, stopped for 2 hours in Doha, 7 hours Doha - Frankfurt, waited 2 hours at Frankfurt Central Station, 3 hours from Frankfurt to Hildesheim, 10 minutes from the station to home, 2 planes, 1 train, 1 car, 2 new contacts on my phone. And it was a solo trip.
It gave me time to think though. All I had
in my mind on my way from Melbourne to Doha was what the hell am I doing here! And same thing repeated on my flight to Frankfurt, what on earth am I doing? And when I was on the train, am I doing the right thing? Haha. This morning in my room, I thought again that I could have chosen an English-speaking country, why did I pick this deserted city in the first place? Can you see my doubts? I thought I was mad. But if madness can get me somewhere, I will take the chance.
Well, nothing ventured nothing learned. We all shall see what is going to happen with me in this other part of the world. Should be interesting, if not intimidating.
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