06 April 2011


A semi-circular bench
Red oak x Victorian ash
John Diorietes x Ronnie Lacham

This is a year worth of work. From planks of timber, from pure unfamiliarity, to a piece of furniture! I struggled with it: drew it, measure it, measure it again, cut it, planed it, sanded it, glued the pieces together, sanded it again, lathed it, bleed with it, screw it, sanded it all over again, oiled it, took it home.

33 weeks x 3 hours = 99 hours

But yes it was definitely worth the fight. I learned heaps more aside from learning how to make a semi-circular bench. The slow pace of woodworking became a slow down from the outside. And most definitely I learned to respect those machines. They might look tame, just be careful with your fingers though.

Woodworkers (or tukang in Indo) are perhaps the best workmates. Everyone was just very supportive and we appreciated each others' works as much as we appreciated ours, knowing how hard it is to actually work on our pieces.

Having said that, I am truly glad for finishing this thing. Sad for not coming back.

Thanks to you, guys in the underground!
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