18 March 2011

Super Moon

You can choose to be whatever you want.

Everyone simply doesn’t want to look the same as others, in their thoughts, in their believes, furthermore in their acts. We are not trying to look different from others; we are just trying to be who we are. So please don’t judge people, because who you are to judge others. You might not know a fraction of their life holding so many wonderful things that you will be ashamed of not doing.

You may choose to spill out every shit. But then you are being the disgraced one. Keep yourself together, your thoughts with you, your words in you. Others may not need to know nor understand what the hell you are doing with your life. If you are trying not to hurt others, chances are, you are going to need to hold yourself back a bit. A little training here and there would not hurt. Well, at least you will need to start somewhere, won’t you?

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