24 January 2011

Weekend Markets

Nice break that I had in Sydney. Plenty of markets too I reckon. I went market-hopping on the weekend. a/ Eveleigh Market
Probably the best farmer's market I've been to. Such a nice way to spend your Saturday morning buying fresh produces, not to forget pretty flowers. Having a cup of coffee and spinach, mushroom, and cheese crepe. The best thing perhaps is its locality and it's not that crowded.

b/ Glebe Market
I guess it's suppose to be a secondhand market or a craft market. But strangely speaking, the goods aren't appealing to me. Don't worry Melbourne, your Camberwell Market is still much better.

c/ The Rocks
Still I love The Rocks though I've been coming there for a couple of times. Didn't really find something new and interesting but I love the surrounding.

d/ Paddington Market
It's a bit weird actually that I've never been to Paddington Market. The stuffs here are way better. Moreover, I love the area, Oxford Street to be exact. And I found this street (a bit like Greville Street in Melbourne), called William Street, where they have mini stores selling pretty stuffs! Probably it's the best unexpected find of mine in Sydney. Hehe.

e/ Chinatown Night Market
Crab takoyaki! Yum.
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