17 December 2010

Captains of Industry

It's an interview and writing that I've done a couple of months ago about Captains of Industry, a humble men's grooming place on the (suppose to be) pretty hectic street of Elizabeth, but I missed it all of this time too! James, the owner, was nice and he's such a dedicated man let me tell you. To make one pair of shoes, it takes about three months and he hand made everything. Gosh imagine that. The article is finally up on Whiteboard Journal. Thanks to my friend Aldo who helped me out :) So, here goes the article!

If you draw your eyes across the busy streets of Melbourne Elizabeth Street to be exact – and just give little attention to details, you will see on the second floor of an eerie magic shop there lies a hidden treasure of Melbourne, which you may have missed all this time. Captains of Industry it is, a wondrous site for those who know it.

Read the full article here.
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